Dot Matching Game

All you need to make this simple game is construction paper, colored dot stickers, and some game pieces such as pom poms, buttons, or beans.  (Any type of paper can be used and if you don’t have stickers, you can always hand-draw small circles.)

Just stick the dot stickers on the paper in any pattern or shape.  The object is for the child to match the pom poms to the stickers.Other variations of the game:

  • If you have game pieces that match the various sticker colors, you can have the child name and match colors.
  • The child can count as they place the game pieces.
  • Stickers can also be put on the paper so that there is one sticker on one page, two stickers on the next page, three stickers on the next, etc. up through the numbers you are working on with your child.

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