Circular Cardboard Diorama

Spending time outside this time of year is great especially if you have snow to play in, but some days the weather just won’t cooperate.  When that happens and you need something creative and fun to do, try making a circular cardboard diorama like this one for your child to play with.

All you need is:

Corrugated Cardboard Box (the longer, the better)

Ruler (or other straight edge)

Cutter of some type (ADULT supervision NECESSARY)

Pen or Pencil



(Something that will poke into the cardboard–examples shown a few pictures below.)


(Also shown a few pictures below.)


How to make:

1.  Measure and cut 2″ strips.

(I used 15 strips to make a 9″ circle.  The strips were approximately 18-24 inches long.)

2.  Roll cardboard around itself and tape to hold together.  Don’t scrimp on the tape!  I went around the whole thing a couple times for extra strength.  ( I learned this the hard way after the thing sprung apart on me the first time and I had to start from scratch again!)




















Materials to make picks:

Toothpicks, Match Sticks, Pipe Cleaners, floral picks, or Disposable Plastic Lid (Cut into skinny pieces with round tips.)

Materials to use as props:

Silk flower stems, Leaves

Stickers or Foam Shapes

As soon as I empty this box above from Christmas, I’ll be cutting out the little ballerina to make into a prop.

And here is a gift box from Christmas, turned into a “garage”, “house”, or whatever the children imagination!

You can make any kind of scene you want using any type pieces you or your child make.

Here I just cut out long rectangles to make tall buildings.  The trees were cut free-hand and the car was cut out of another box I had on hand.  Look around.  See what you and your child can come up with for props and scenes–and I’d love to see some pics–so if you make this please share the link!

(Problem I found with the tall buildings:  If you use a disposable plastic lid to cut out “picks”, you may have to double them up for strength or use a heavy-duty type lid because I found that they bend over with the weight of the cardboard.  You could also use tooth picks instead for a stronger pick.)


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    • Thanks, Katherine. Cardboard is the best!! There is just no limit to the things you can do with it.

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