Dolphy Personalized Educational Game Review

Dolphy-Game-ConsoleI like it when they say my name, gramma.

Recently I was honored to be asked to write a review for Dolphy Educational Games, a company offering several unique personalized products including computer packages geared toward toddlers and children.  These bundles contain 9 different games in 3 categories; educational, thinking, and fun, each with varying levels and options to choose from.  Some of the skills your child will learn in these activities are:

  • Introduction to Letters
  • Number Recognition
  • Memory Development
  • Problem Solving
  • “Using The Computer” skills
  • And many more!

The specific product I will be discussing is for children, ages 4-10,  since my 4 yo grand daughter was in mind when making the choice for evaluation.

Our grand daughter relishes every opportunity to come to  “grampa” and “gramma’s” and as with most grand parents, we play and enjoy our time together in many ways such as drawing, crafting, listening to fun music, going outside exploring or playing with our two dogs.  Lately, we have begun to spend some time viewing a few “gramma approved” kid videos or games on the computer–most of which I have operated.

I decided it was time to “let loose of the reigns” and allow my grand daughter the opportunity to gain more experience herself.  During the Thanksgiving break, I quickly and easily downloaded the Dolphy package and set up a spot where she could comfortably use the computer.  Shortly after her arrival, we had a discussion about if she would like to try a new game on the computer.  Of course her reaction was to immediately get started. I showed her the basics of how to use the wireless mouse.  (A comical site–to say the least!)  After a few minutes of trial and error, she was able to click on the Dolphy game icon and open the personalized program to which she immediately was all smiles and excitedly exclaimed, “It said my name, gramma!”

Her next response was to ask, “What do I do now, gramma?”  I read the options to her and she chose Tic Tac Toe.  To our surprise she won the first game even though she really wasn’t sure about the concept of the game.  She decided to play again and this time the computer won, which momentarily discouraged her, so she wanted try something else.

This next game she explored was Animal Math.  In this one, you are verbally told and visually shown a number. When you type the number correctly, a section of the image below is shown.  She was able to recognize the numbers on the keyboard but accidentally typed the number twice, causing her to get a wrong answer and then she’d huff and puff.  🙂  After the first few correct answers, enough of the picture was revealed that she exclaimed, “Gramma, it’s a lion!”  (It was actually a Cheetah, but at that age, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between wild cats.)

At completion of the puzzle she heard her name telling her, “Well done!” to which she responded, “It keeps saying my name, gramma!”  I responded that it was supposed to do that and it was part of the reason I chose it because I thought it would be fun for her to hear her name.  After a couple sessions, she wanted to move on to explore others.  At first, she clicked around taking a look at her choices but eventually settled on the attractive animation of The Spelling Bee game.

Since she is just learning to recognize letters, the difficulty level of this one was a more complex and I had to help her by pointing to the letter she needed in order to spell the word.  Again, she did pretty well at naming the letters and finding them on the key board, but occasionally would type them in the wrong order and get an incorrect answer.  Fortunately the game gave her the opportunity to try again and again if necessary.

Her favorite was the Memory Game and she picked it up quickly.  Between this game and exploration of the others, 45 minutes was enough and she was ready to move on to something else besides the computer, but her final comment was, “I like it when they say my name, gramma.”  She seemed pleased and very proud to be able to work the controls herself and I was thrilled at her success as well as the length of time it occupied her attention span, especially on her first try.

Dolphy Educational Games will give your child another avenue of exposure to and practice of many skills.  Like me, you will have the opportunity to see what your children are able to accomplish and give you some ideas about where they need more help and experience to prepare them for the “computer age” they live in.

Right now Dolphy is offering some super prices on their website and if you have any questions about the package I reviewed, I would be glad to try to answer them myself or contact the company to see if I can get an answer for you.  Just write your questions in the comments section below.



Dolphy Personalized Educational Games offered me this package for free in exchange for an honest review.  When you get Dolphy Personalized Educational Games your experience may differ depending on the age and ability of your child.

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Dolphy Personalized Educational Game Review — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve bought it 2 months ago, and this is definitely the greatest educational games package for kids I’ve ever seen!

    • Hi Heather, I’m glad you stopped by to let us know what you think about these games! 🙂 Kids really do like them. My grand daughter came over again this weekend to visit and the first thing she asked to do was play her (Dolphy) computer game.

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