Finding Joy in Depression-Review

For those who have been suffering silently, I pray that sharing my story
opens the door for you to face your depression~Amanda Pelser

Recently I was blessed by the opportunity to read Amanda Pelser’s book, Finding Joy in Depression, an encouraging account of her journey through a disorder in which many suffer.

This two part book first uncovers what depression is and the struggles experienced mentally, physically, and spiritually.  The second part illustrates how she cared for herself, suggestions that may benefit anyone who is struggling with this.

Depression afflicts countless people and occurs in different forms from fairly minor to extreme.  Included in the book is a list of symptoms that will perhaps help you in determining if you suffer from this illness and need assistance.  All too often though, like Amanda, many go on for years living in denial, fear of condemnation, and just not knowing what to do or how to handle these issues.

As demonstrated in the author’s inspirational story, it is possible to move forward and minimize the effects of this condition.  Recognizing triggers that make it worse, adjusting daily routines, and taking a look at eating habits are just a few of the strategies that may be used in initiating the process of healing.

After reading Amanda’s narrative I was compelled to learn more not only for myself, but for others around me.  It revealed that there is hope to be had, help to be found, and joy to feel in the midst of depression!  Won’t you join her in walking the road to recovery?  Click here to view more details

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Finding Joy in Depression-Review — 4 Comments

  1. Having worked with people who suffer with this and having been there myself on many occasions, I am so happy you shared this. It is also seems like it hits harder and is more difficult to deal with in Christians. So many people will tell you not just in church, but even in society that you just have to get over it or think positive. Anyone that has been through this knows that is just not possible and it isn’t because you don’t want it. It is also odd that even though it is so highly recognized now, society still tends to see it as a weakness and it makes it hard for the person who suffers with it.

    • So true, Elizabeth! All the more reason to keep communication open to those in need. (Christian or otherwise.)

      As I walk the road of finding joy in depression, I plan on occasionally sharing resources (here and on Facebook) that have been helpful along the way.

      Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂

    • Amanda, Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂 I really appreciate you sharing your story and helping to open up a topic that needs discussion!

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