Picnik Alternative Coming In April!

Update:  Okay, so it didn’t happen in April like they had expected, but from what I understand–it is opening soon!  Check it out here.

I was reading some articles over at Blogging with Amy today and one thing led to another until I ended up on her post, A Free Alternative to Picnik: Pixlr Express.  As I was reading the comments at the bottom of that article, I ran into a comment from this dude, Anthony, who gave a link to a Picnik Alternative coming in April!

On the bottom of  that page there was an email address, so I wrote and requested to be put on their emailing list. I also suggested that if they didn’t have one, maybe they would consider starting one or even a Pinterest Board or a Facebook Page. Within a couple hours I got a reply saying that they had just made a FB page! Woo Hoo! SEE? It pays to write to companies! I wonder if they have any job openings…

So, for all you Picnik fans…HERE COMES THE ALTERNATIVE!  🙂

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