We have a BEAN POD on the bean!!

If you thought I was happy about our bean blossoming, I’m even more thrilled that it has produced “fruit”–a real live tiny little bean pod!!!!!!!!!!

Update:  Unfortunately the air conditioner broke down in our classroom, making it necessary to temporarily move to another room, so in the meanwhile our bean got overheated and withered up into nothingness!  🙁  Maybe next time…


We have a BEAN POD on the bean!! — 1 Comment

  1. I know how exciting this is for you – I would be just as excited!

    I tried planting a few seeds from a withered up NM red chile pod this past spring in hopes of growing my own! I am not the brand new proud mama of a teeny tiny red chile about 6mm long!

    It is so great that you are having so much fun with the bean sprouts. I am glad to know you are a person who is open to the magic and wonder in little things.

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