Large Flashcards for Babies

I love these extra large personalized flashcards! They are very easy to make and can be made into any size, shape, or variation you like. Babies love to hold them, look at the pictures, and bang them on other things! The greatest part about them is that if you use your own photos of your children’s body parts or toys, they have sense of ownership over them–leading them to better learning.

To make them, you will need cardboard (either corrugated–for a thicker card or cereal box cardboard–for a thinner card), colored construction paper, photos or magazine clippings, wide clear tape or clear contact paper, marker, and scissors.

Cut cardboard approximately 7″ x 6″ or a half inch larger then your photo, except on the bottom where you need to have at least an inch or so to label the photo.  (As seen in the top photo.) Cut a piece of construction paper (for a pretty background) the same size as the cardboard.  You can either glue it on or tape it with a couple tape loops to keep it secure temporarily.  Place your photo on the upper center of the cardboard. (Again glue or use tape loops to secure temporarily.) Use a marker to label the photo with words such as “toes”, “fingers”, “eyes.” Finally, cover the whole card with wide clear tape or clear contact paper overlapping as necessary.  (As shown in the bottom photo.)  Obviously these aren’t meant to hold up forever, but they sure are fun for a while!

(This is the back of the flashcard, and it is completely covered so that it isn’t as easy for little teeth to “eat” it.)

Do you have any temporary, but fun ideas you use with your child(ren)?  And do you personalize them?

Note:  These flashcards were created by my former co-worker, Emily Wolfenbarger, whom you may find at Pinterest.

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