Pinto Bean in a Window


I recently tried growing a couple pinto beans in a bag for our older babies at work. One didn’t grow at all but this one did REALLY well–even to the point of blossoming!  (Some may say, “Big deal!”, but this is my first time getting a blossom so I am thrilled!)

The little root system it has doesn’t look too shabby either.

Although we have a blossom and the roots look healthy, the leaves are very light, verging on yellow.  I’m thinking if we want to keep it alive, it may be time for carefully transplanting it into some dirt.  I have not had a huge amount of experience with this type of experiment so what would you suggest?  Is it too late for transplanting?  (And the bigger question: can I even get it out of the bag without killing it?!)


Pinto Bean in a Window — 3 Comments

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  2. Your little Pinto blossom IS A BIG DEAL! I am inspired! I am going to try to get one to sprout and grow.

    I think you could remove it successfully by cutting the bottom of the bag and carefully lifting it out by the root ball. Or even better, cut the bottom and a side and just lift it out.

    Why not give it a try in soil?

    • Hi Pam, I think I am going to try that! Watch for more, cuz something exciting happened that I didn’t expect! 🙂

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