Where I Get My Weather

We get Limited Basic Cable, which is the cheapest plan you can through our local cable company.  We are limited to a few local channels and a couple shopping channels–and that is it.  Needless to say, I don’t watch much TV.  When I do, it is usually to catch the handful of favorite shows I watch occasionally–or to keep an eye on the weather.

This year the weather has been brutal, with several deaths in our county due to tornadoes, so I like to watch the radar.  What I hate are the teensy tiny little weather maps they show on the local TV channels that you can hardly see!  A couple years ago I found a site online that I am very happy with because I can quickly see what is happening in my area.  The site is, intellicast.com.

By typing in your city, state, or zip code you can easily get your local weather, alerts, and 10-day forecast.  Or if you click on the Interactive Weather Map, you will be able to see the radar and view the movement by the live weather loop.  (Just press the play button.)

What do you use to view your weather?

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