ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby

I love books!  Just ask my husband who has cheerfully (most of the time) carted crate after crate of them while moving from place to place at least a half dozen times in our 15+ years of marriage! One of the types of books I dearly love is ABC books.

Recently I read a sturdy little board book called, ABC is for Circus by Patrick Hruby.

What I love most about this book:

*It has colorful illustrations.
Nothing attracts me more then having pretty bold colors, especially in a children’s book.  My favorite illustration is G for Giraffes.

*It promotes learning with-in.
Learning ABC’s is one of the book’s obvious goals, but there are other fun educational experiences to gain within its pages such as early learning about circuses, color and shape recognition, and unusual vocabulary.

*It is a “spring board” for additional activities.
-With a little help from an adult, some construction paper, scissors, and some cut out shapes, children can create their own circus animals or scenes.
-Felt can be used to create characters from the book and used to tell a circus story on a flannel board.
-Children can play circus by pretending to be performers or animals.

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