Grape Pickles?

Ewwwww, you say?  Not really.  Actually they are delicious!

My 3 yo grand daughter LOVES red grapes and will eat and eat them.   But when she recently tried green grapes again, it wasn’t very successful.  However, when the grapes were cut sideways (in what I silently thought of as “pennies”), she ate them down in a hurry, dubbing them “pickles”.  We laughed and laughed together about it.  🙂

When my daughter was young, sometimes she wouldn’t eat green grapes either, but when I stuck a few in a zip type bag and laid them flat in the freezer for a couple hours, she would gobble the miniature fruitsicles right up, especially on a hot summer day!

So after making grape pickles I was thinking that the little slices might freeze well on a cookie sheet for another style of frozen grapes.  Has anyone tried this?  If you have, leave a comment and tell me how they came out.


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