I Spy Bottle


There are 101+ ways to make these fun learning bottles!

Ours was very easy to make.   We used a clean plastic juice bottle, rice, and beans (not shown in photo).  And here are some other items we used:

a small wooden heart and a popsicle stick

a tiny pink plastic baby and confetti pieces

a plastic hair clip, a long plastic snake, small “jewels”, a clear plastic dice (or die for singular), and confetti

a miniature metal saxophone and lighthouse and more confetti

a plastic dragonfly clip, snowflake, toy dog, hanger, and even more confetti

a little plastic hair brush and spider–and you guessed it–confetti

a tall plastic giraffe and fish, a small American flag, and yes–I have lots of types of confetti

a small plastic lizard and pokey bug, a tiny plastic clothes pin, and a foam heart and giraffe (fooled you, no confetti)

small plastic shoe, another pokey bug, a fuzzy pompom and–oh no–more confetti

another plastic lizard, a tiny plastic pig and frog, a foam camel, and a rattly plastic tree and caterpillar (oh and not confetti here either)

a plastic ball, penguin, kangaroo, another “jewel”, and the final piece of confetti

Yes, we have lots and lots of items in our I Spy Bottle, but it makes it so fun to discover different things all the time!  My 3 yo grand daughter is intrigued by it and spends several minutes looking at the different items.  🙂  When she is a bit older she can look at the photos of the items and see if she can find them all or even write a list of what she finds.  I purposely used various colors, types of animals, and a few unusual items to make it interesting as well as educational.

Let’s see the I Spy Bottles you have made!



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    • Hi Pam! Hey, what’s to say YOU can’t have one without having the kids around? I bet you would make a lovely one with your creativity!! I could see some of those flat round marbles mixed with some other type “jewel”, trinket, or fiber. Hmmm…cool idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

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